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LEO Token (LEO)

$1.9600 -4.5%


Market Cap




24h High / 24h Low

$2.1100 / $1.8900

24h 7D 1M 1Y MAX
Mining Rate: 97.59%
Circulating Supply: 961,484,997.90
Total Supply: 985,239,504.00

What is LEO Token (LEO)

UNUS SED LEO (LEO) is a utility token that is designed to empower the Bitfinex crypto currency exchange. There is a lot of benefits that this utility token provides to Bitfinex users such as taker fee reduction (all levels of taker fees for those holding the token will be reduced by 15% over all crypto to crypto pairs), lending fee reduction (p2p financing lenders will get a fee discount equal to 0.05% for every 10.000 USDT in UNUS SED LEO tokens held on average in the trader’s account during previous month), and crypto and fiat withdrawals and deposits fee discount (hodlers who hold more than 50 million UNUS SED LEO tokens will receive up to a 25% crypto withdraval and deposit fee discount.

UNUS SED LEO is issued on EOS and Ethereum blockchains. Both of those versions can easily get converted on Bitfinex. The supply of the UNUS SED LEO is 1 billion in total and new tokens cannot be generated.

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