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The most profitable mining pool for GPU and ASIC owners

2miners is developing a mining pool for GPU and ASIC miners. The project claims that it was developed by professional miners for professional miners. It claims to be the most profitable mining pool for GPU and ASIC users, with regular payments, tutorials, reliable servers, rig monitoring bot, and more. The platform is also fully compatible with Nicehash. In order to make sure the project operation is smooth, 2miners claimed to have multiple data centers in Europe, the US, and Asia. All of those data centers are equipped with dedicated servers and DDOS protection to protect users from DDOS attacks.

According to its website, the goal of the platform is to create an easy-to-use mining pool for miners of all sizes. 2miners will take care of and defend the interests of 1-GPU miners or small mining owner farms as well as enterprise mining farm owners. 2miners wants to give the best user experience and mining rewards for its clients. The company claims that miners on their pools can be assured that 2miners always protect their interests. The company claims that its business is based on several values:
– Openness. The platform must be easy-to-use and explained in layman’s terms. By doing this, 2mienrs will support miners so they can succeed and achieve the best possible results. Miners must be able to set up their hardware to work on 2Miners in a few seconds. 
– Transparency. All statistics of the pools and earnings are always available to access at any given time. The company take responsibility for their daily operations, analyze, manage risk, and so on in order to ensure the best business practice for its users.
– Integrity. The company claims that 2miners always act honestly and fairly. 2miners never cheat with the blocks, hash rate, or any other aspects of the pools. 
– Accountability. 2miners will not compromise its standard.





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