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Build products that help people save, grow, and scale

Akropolis is a startup that provides DeFi services and products. It aims to support decentralized and autonomous community economies and help people save, grow, and scale their wealth. Akropolis offers several products tailored to its users. Builders can use the building platform, powered by OpenZeppelin SDK using the Facade pattern. Mainstream users can also use the Sparta products to borrow or lend assets, and Delphi to connect monthly check to compound DeFi yields, capital gains, and more.

Akropolis has been integrated into various DeFi platforms such as Compound, Fulcrum, Aave and dYdX. Akropolis is based in Gibraltar and since the beginning, the platform has open-sourced its code for other developers to help them build new solutions, and improve the platform.


Cryptocurrencies, DeFi



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