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Amon Tech

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A blockchain-based app to bridge traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies

Amon Tech is developing a blockchain-based app to bridge traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies. Some of its notable products are the Amon Wallet and Amon Debit Card, which promise easy, elegant, and ethical fintech banking based on blockchain technology. In addition to that, users can also enjoy Amon Investment Assistant to make a better investment decision, plus cashback rewards for shopping with the Amon card. Users can also manage how much of their cash-back goes to charity and in return, they’ll get perks and premium rewards for achieved donation milestones. According to Crunchbase,  Amon Card is powered by AI and machine learning, with multi-currency crypto wallet supports. Amon does this in order to make users can use their crypto in daily life easily. The app and the card will do all the complex things and users can simply enjoy the benefits of the platform. No need for headaches when users want to convert and deal with crypto volatility.

Crunchbase stated that Amon has raised a total of $1M in a seed round that was finished on May 28, 2018. Pecunio is Amon’s key investor that supports the project since the beginning. According to its website, Amon supports IBAN with GPB and EUR support. In addition to that, users can also “stake” and earn interest by depositing their crypto into the Amon wallet. Like any other mobile wallet app, users can trade on Amon wallet anytime with the best exchange rates. In order to achieve its mission, Amon has established various partnerships with industry leaders including but not limited to BitGo, MKB Fintechlab, Celsius, Digital Magics, and more.

The company was launched in 2017, with headquarter located in Harju, Tallinn, Estonia.


Blockchains, Hot Wallets, Investment, Payments, Services


Harju, Estonia

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