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A platform to trade crypto as easy as tock shares

According to Crunchbase, Amun is a company that develops a platform to make buying crypto as easy as stock. The company is developing technological on-ramps solutions to acquire, trade, and secure crypto assets. The company claims that a lot of individual customers and institutions can use Amun’s products to get crypto exposure in a safe, regulated, and easy manner. Crunchbase stated that Amun has raised a total of $8M in 2 funding rounds. The latest funding round was raised on Mar 11, 2019, from a seed round. The company is supported by Boost VC, Graham Tuckwell, Greg Kidd, and East Chain Co.

According to its official website, Amun is a leading crypto technology company that aims to make purchasing digital asset tokens accessible, safe, and efficient. Amun claims that its digital asset tokens are created to fulfill the needs of the digital asset traders. Amun’s tokens are powered by a smart trading engine, with other features including but not limited to:
– daily rebalancing, where each token rebalances daily to ensure constant leverage ratios of the underlying assets are always maintained;
– auto management, which means traders don’t have to worry about managing funding rates, borrowing costs, or monitoring positions for risks of margin calls;
– powered by smart order routing features to allow intended exposure at the lowest trading rates across the digital asset market and more.

To achieve its mission, Amun is working together with various industry leaders including CryptoCompare, Onfido, Wintermute, Morgan Creek Digital Assets, and more.


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