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APY Finance

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Robo-advisor for yield-farming

APY Finance is developing a yield farming robo-advisor, that helps users to find the best ROI possible using smart contracts via continuously routing your funds to a portfolio. The platform uses cutting edge yield farming strategies with the best profit opportunities available.

APY Finance claims that they are the next generation of yield farming platform where users only need to access a single interface to manage their liquidity.

Using smart contracts and AI, the platform handles all the required steps to maximize profits by pooling user liquidity and distributing the gas cost. This strategy is claimed to offers a cheaper and efficient onboarding process. In addition to that, every strategy available on the platform is assigned with a risk score using a risk assessment framework that calculates smart contract risk, financial risk, and centralization risk. Users will be able to choose depending on their risk profile.

The project is backed by Cluster Capital, Coingecko, TRG Capital, Genblock Capital, 12 Capital, and more.


Cryptocurrencies, DeFi



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