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Balancer Labs

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A non-custodial AMM and multi-asset pool

Balancer Labs is an automated market maker that offers multi-asset pools and lets anyone become a liquidity provider. It aims to reduce the expense of traditional order books and offers a new way to be a liquidity provider. While the idea is exceptional, the project is still in its initial stage with lots of potential security exploits that need to be addressed, which is why it is not yet newbie-friendly.

Balancer Labs itself provides users a means to trade directly through to a smart contract, instead of waiting for another person to sell their tokens for cheaper and faster trading. Balancer Labs has three different pools, private pools, shared pools, and smart pools. Each one of these can be tracked with the Balancer Pool Token. Since its launch, Balancer Labs has attracted many users due to the DeFi hype and their competitive products.


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