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Blockchain-based micro investment for the future of digital banking

Bamboo is an Australian company that focuses on the future of digital banking with crypto and digital assets. The company stated that its roots are located in Perth, Western Australia where the ideas and the cooperation of its members make them launch the project in 2017.

According to its LinkedIn page, Bamboo is a micro-investments platform that allows everyone to purchase crypto assets like Bitcoin seamlessly. All they need is a mobile phone and a bank account in order to withdraw their funds. According to Crunchbase, Bamboo’s app is an easy, secure & accessible micro-investment app developed with an auditable & scalable platform. With the app, users can do automatic investments and create a portfolio of digital assets, including cryptocurrencies and precious metals. All purchases are done with round-up transactions in nominated bank accounts or instantly with an account top-up.

According to its website, Bamboo will help users to put their spare change to work and make money on their own. In order to do that, Bamboo will sync with users’ bank accounts and then do automatic transactions according to the users’ settings. They can pick and select what kind of assets they’re going to invest, with great flexibility and easy management. In the future, the company also claims that the app will also help users with the automatic rebalancing process in order to make sure the risk of users’ portfolio is still in check and do not cross the threshold set by the users.


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Perth, Australia

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