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Bidali is developing a payment processor solution for small and large companies that allows them to accept next-generation payments and grow their business. The company offers developer-friendly APIs and e-commerce plugins to help users easily integrate digital currency payments into their app or website. Bidali’s solutions will allow users to accept cryptocurrency payments while protecting their business from fraud, eliminates chargebacks, and saves a lot of transaction fees. For end-users, they can also use Bidali’s consumer-friendly mobile wallet that allows them to send, receive, and hold cryptocurrencies easily. Some cryptocurrencies that are accepted in the platform include the top popular ones such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more.

According to Crunchbase, Bidali is a payment platform that helps small and large companies accept next-generation payments and grow their business. At the time of writing, Bidali has finished 1 funding round, which was a non-equity assistance round that was finished on June 3, 2020. Creative Destruction Lab is the core supporter of the project, which supports Bidali’s team since its launch. Bidali has three core members according to Crunchbase, including its co-founder and COO, Cory Smith.

Based on the information available on its website, Bidali’s is already supported by various brands. Users can use Bidali and save their shopping costs on brands such as Amazon, PlayStation, Starbucks, Old Navy, Doordash, and more. To do that, they just need to download the app, connect their bank account and then start saving as soon as possible. For businesses, as mentioned earlier, the platform and the protocol will help them by eliminating unnecessary fees and get paid faster.

Bidali was launched in 2018, with headquarter located in Canada.


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