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Block Gemini

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Blockchain development and consultancy firm with years of experience in the industry

Block Gemini is a blockchain development and consultancy firm with more than 25 years of experience in software development. According to LinkedIn, Block Gemini is a team of blockchain developers and enthusiast who collaborate and believes on the next generation of the technological revolution. The objective of Block Gemini is to help global corporations to create decentralized economies where they can interact with their clients in intuitive ways.

According to Crunchbase, Block Gemini Technologies has 2 core members, including its Chief Innovation Officer Chad Fernandez. Matthias Sheikh Mende is the board member or advisor of the firm. The company is based in Dubai and has been involved in various emerging technology development.  The company stated that it aims to participate in driving business innovation through digital transformation, mainly in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. The company stated further that its vision is to make the world go digital while creating intrinsic values. The companies achieve that through strategic and consultative methods, we help companies to identify and resolve industry pains by creating trailer-made, digital solutions that achieve desired results.

Some of their services are:
– software engineering for web, mobile, or desktop app;
– public and private blockchain development to bring more transparency and enhanced security for businesses processes;
– artificial intelligence to develop smarter automation and make justified business decisions based on data-backed reports using AI;
– internet of things, developing IoT related software or data collection based on business needs, and more.


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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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