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Blockchain Centre Vilnius

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Connecting the blockchain network in Europe and Asia

BCGateway or Blockchain Centre Vilnius, a member of Melbourne and Shanghai BC group, is the first blockchain technology center connecting key stakeholders in Asia and Europe. The community believes that distributed ledger technology is a positive social and economic force to empower entrepreneurs, delivers new economic values, and reduce poverty and inequality around the world. The mission of Blockchain Centre Vilnius is to become an online and physical platform to empower the network of individuals and institutions to ensure a stable working environment for technology developers and end-users. The project claims that it is a safe and trusted avenue for developing public and private sector partnerships.

As a non-profit association, the mission of the platform is to unite stakeholders to protect the common interest and to facilitate the blockchain and decentralized economy environment for growth, innovation, and collaboration. In order to achieve its goal, Blockchain Centre Vilnius has several values, including but not limited to trust, transparency, equal opportunity, good governance, innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, empowerment, and more. With these values, Blockchain Centre Vilnius will work as hard as it could to achieve its medium-term goals, such as building a globally connected & recognized center of excellence in Vilnius to connect Europe & Asia; connect technology enthusiasts, academics, entrepreneurs, regulators, and professionals under ‘one roof’ in a safe, stable and supportive environment; create awareness and educate the society about ‘distributed ledger’ opportunities; and more.

According to its website, some of their services includes the likes of a co-working space with access to networking, education & professional services, start-up acceleration for crypto start-ups, early access for investors who are interested in blockchain start-ups and networking opportunities in Europe, 100+ capacity even space with live streaming capabilities, education center, and more. In addition to that, Blockchain Centre Vilnius has established various partnerships with crypto projects including Pillar Project, NEM, Cryptonews, Lympo, PwC, Pundi X, ODEM, and more.


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Vilnius, Lithuania

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