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Btc Peers

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Decentralized crypto media with no-marketing approach

BTC Peers is a decentralized cryptocurrency media site developed and maintained by Andrey Sergeenkov. According to the website, more than 600 resources have used BTC Peers as a source and have linked them more than 5000+ times. BTC Peers covers the latest news on the cryptocurrency industry with various kinds of reports such as analysis, opinions, press releases, and more. It follows the decentralized principle in which they believe that free discussion is necessary in order to make sure the public knows all issues related to public and government life.

The founder of the company, Andrey Sergeenkov has more than enough experience to maintain the platform. According to his LinkedIn Profile, Andrey has contributed to various platforms as a journalist or contributors, including but not limited to FXStreet (independent analyst), Hacker Noon (contributor), (contributor), NullTX (contributor), and Coinspeaker (contributor).

According to the about page, BTC Peers is developed with the no-marketing / no-fake approach. This essentially means that readers will be free from data-collection, banners, pop-ups, privacy cookies, and other techniques developed by marketers to get the most out of their traffic. BTC Peers said that the website will treat the readers with respect, and because of this the website grow rapidly since its launch day. Some of the notable platforms that use BTC Peers as their sources are Entrepreneur, International Business Times,,, Forbes India, Hackernoon, Seeking Alpha, Coinspeaker, Daily Hodl, CoinGape, and more.




Yaroslavl, Russia

Year founded