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Bitcoin self-custody solution for everyone

Casa is a Bitcoin security company designed by renowned Bitcoin and privacy expert Jameson Lopp. It claims to uses a unique multi-location security model that removes single points of failure and protects its users from theft, accidents, and disasters. Casa aims to protect individuals, a group, fund, or larger institution, with multi-sig security solutions. Casa claims to use a mixture of both hardware, software, and white-glove support to provide their services. It also offers dedicated 24/7 advisors with all of the necessary equipment required and a personalized onboarding experience. Casa promises to protect its users from various attacks, including but not limited to hacking and phishing, sim swaps, in-person attacks, supply chain attacks, insider afraid, accidental loss, and more.

According to Crunchbase, Casa has raised a total of $2.1M in funding over 3 rounds. The last funding round was finished on February 28, 2020. It has six key investors, including Fulgur Ventures and Meltem Demirors. Casa was co-founded its CEO Nick Neuman and currently has more than 4 key team members. Casa’s claims that its proven security measures will help users and clients to protect their assets in a self-custody environment. Only clients hold the keys to their Bitcoin, and there are no single points of failure.

In addition to the dedicated support services, Casa’s also claims that its clients can still access their Bitcoin in the event that Casa is ever unreachable. Users can use any open-source software and follows Casa’s guide to accessing their funds. Casa called it the Casa Sovereign Recovery Instructions, available to everyone and even rehearse this process upfront on its Platinum and Diamond clients. In addition to this, Casa’s also offers a ‘bitcoin heritage’ service where clients’ descendants will be able to access the clients’ assets after they died.




Denver, United States

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