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Non-custodial instant exchanges services with transparent fee rates

According to its LinkedIn page, ChangeHero is a modern instant crypto exchange platform for users who need the fastest asset swap with the best rate. ChangeHero platform is developed in order to make crypto-to-crypto transactions and crypto buying with fiat to be fast, anonymous, and as easy as possible. The company claims that compared to other competitors such as Changelly, ChangHero offers significant advantages, including but not limited to a brand new trading engine to find the best rate at multiple exchanges and operate through high frequency, no hidden commissions and fees, and a dedicated decentralized trading platform that will be launched in the nearest future.

In order to serve its users, ChangeHero offers several features. First of all, it has a dedicated support team that is prepared to help the users 24/7. Users don’t need to send e-mail and wait a few days if they got a problem. Instead, they can chat right away and the problem will be solved as soon as possible. On the platform, users can convert BTC, ETH and over 40 other cryptocurrencies without any limits and restrictions. There is no registration required so users can swap on-the-go, unlike other instant exchanges platform. As a non-custodial service, ChangeHero will send users’ cryptocurrency safely to the wallet right after the exchange.

According to its Crunchbase profile page, ChangeHero is based in Tallinn, Estonia. The company was launched in 2016.




Tallinn, Estonia

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