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Chorus One

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Cryptocurrency nodes services for Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks

Chorus One is a nodes operator that provides validation and staking services for Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks. The company is based in Maryland, United States, launched back in 2017. The company allows token holders to earn interest on their crypto assets through staking while removing the hassle of setting up a node and participate in the evolution of the decentralized networks they are invested in. According to Crunchbase, Chorus One is a company that develops validation and staking infrastructure for Proof-of-Stake networks. It is similar to a mining pool where miners join together and participate in mining, and then earn rewards according to their contribution.

According to its website, Chorus One also works on other products, including but not limited to cross-chain interoperability, anthem staking platform, and liquid staking. The company claims that its users trust Chorus because of its always online, highly secure, and no single point of failure network. To put it simply, Chorus’s nodes are launched in different data centers across multiple geographical regions to achieve the highest availability and redundancy, which will guarantee the longevity of Chorus’s services. The company also protect their validators from both cyber and physical attacks with highly secure protection and monitoring system. Last but not least, Chorus One automates the provisioning of its infrastructures to avoid risks of manual deployment.

At the time of writing, the company supports staking in various networks, including but not limited to Cosmos, Terra, and Celo.


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Maryland, United States

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