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CoinQuora is an independent crypto media company that delivers the latest news about crypto and the blockchain industry in general in order to inform and educate all cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts. CoinQuora provides sound and credible information from multiple sources to make sure that all news received by its readers will be impartial and objective. The company stated that the project was established in 2020 by a team of competent writers, editors, social media marketers, and other non-editorial staff who works remotely. In order to achieve its mission, CoinQuore publishes the hottest news, reports the industry’s latest trends, creates its own price analysis and crypto predictions dedicated for crypto traders, and write educational content for its reader to help them with their journey in the cryptocurrency space.

CoinQuora covers a lot of topics, from Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. It competes with other news agencies such as Coin Telegraph, Coindesk, Cryptobriefing, and other media. The company also offers media-related services such as press releases or crypto stories where readers or companies can submit their own articles. In order to help their readers to be up to date with the latest trend, several dedicated sections have been created, such as DeFi news, dApp news, and more. With these sections and its dedicated educational content, CoinQuora will help its users to follow the trend and learn about it at the same time.





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