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CoinChapter is a cryptocurrency media group that aims to be a global presence in the cryptocurrency and blockchain digital media space. CoinChapter’s major advantage is the real-time coverage of all blockchain, fintech, and cryptocurrency trends and breaking news. In addition to that, users can subscribe to CoinChapter’s feed in order to follow the latest post easily.

CoinChapter was launched in 2015 by Hexbite Labs Inc in order to create a company that focuses on educating and helping new crypto users. The platform offers various easy-to-use tools such as a crypto exchange filter that help users find the right exchange for them, a live crypto price aggregator to monitor real-time crypto assets price and more.

According to its website, CoinChapter is managed by a team of crypto enthusiasts that have been involved in the crypto space since the inception of Bitcoin. The company has offices in multiple locations, including Canada, Singapore, and San Francisco.





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