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Cryptocurrency analysis and research platform dedicated for transparency of crypto projects

According to Crunchbase, Coincheckup is a cryptocurrency analysis and research platform dedicated to offers transparent information on each cryptocurrency for its users. The company offers in-depth coin analysis, price predictions, investment analysis reports, detailed market overview, and more. By doing this, the platform will help users to make educated decisions in order to get the best profits with their capital. The company has raised a total of $50K in 1 funding round, a seed round that was finished on June 1, 2017. The company has 4 core members, including its co-founder and CTO, Valentin Bora.

According to its website, the company believes that it’s important to know the background and fundamentals of any product/service an investor is interested in. CoinCheckup was founded out of the frustration that the current cryptocurrency market has a serious lack of transparency. The current status quo makes it hard and time-consuming to research and compare cryptocurrencies in real-time. The company claims that it came up with a standardized research process and solution that should allow users and potential investors to research crypto projects easily.

Coincheckup helps users by offering a framework to do various activities, such as fundamental analysis. Some of their fundamental analysis questions are asking whether the project allows users to communicate with the team behind the project, what is the history of the team (such as their background, leadership, diversification, previous accomplishments, and more), how strong is the product (by looking at the code, status of the current product, and more), and more. The company believes that users would be able to use the platform to find better opportunities to make investments, regardless of the size of their capital.


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