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Blockchain-based decentralization services for the crypto industry

CoinFabrik is a company that specialized in designing blockchain-based and other decentralization solutions for organizations and businesses. CoinFabrik believes that decentralization and cryptoassets have greatly changed the way organizations and industries operate. CoinFabrik’s team will help them facilitates the decentralization process and provides the products and services that are required by organizations and businesses. According to Crunchbase, CoinFabrik is a company that specialized in providing cryptocurrency software development services.

The company itself was founded in 2014 and has completed more than 80 crypto and decentralization related projects in the public and private blockchain sector. Some of the areas where CoinFabrik works are product development, research, security auditing, and consulting. According to Crunchbase, there are 2 core members of the team including its CEO and co-founder Sebastian Raul Wain. The team and its partners work together to bring the best features and products for its clients.

According to its websites, CoinFabrik offers various services and products including but not limited to:

– smart-contract audits in order to help crypto projects or business to protect tokens, crowdfunding campaigns, and decentralized applications by making sure all security flaws and vulnerabilities are fixed (so far more than 50 projects have been audited by CoinFabrik);
– developing decentralized solutions that focus on security and scalability for robust software (CoinFabrik has been offering this service for 4 years+);
– consultation services for businesses that wanted to know how to do business, develop software, or fundraise with the goal of a realistic decentralization roadmap;
– training services for businesses to help their workers learn and get experience in blockchain technologies, data security, and distributed projects;
– and more.

According to its website, some of their clients are Jaxx, Bloq, Aeternity, Algorand, TARINGA!, Xapo, RSK, Ripio Credit Network, Money On Chain, DriveChain, OpenPGP.js, Democracy Earth, Mofiler, Kryptobits Blockchain Banking, Decentraland, Hubii, WorldBit, Ubanx, Olyseum, Chilliz, Patientoryinc, TARI, and RNDR.





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