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Coinspeaker is a cryptocurrency news source founded in 2014 which focuses on Bitcoin and altcoin news. The company stated that it has more than 200,000 unique visitors per month on its LinkedIn page, which consisted of venture capitalists, start-up CEOs, merchants, analysts working at private banks and asset management funds who are dealing with the crypto industry, and retail investors who want to know the latest news on the industry. Because of this, the company claims that its overall readership is expanding rapidly month-on-month.

CoinSpeaker’s team consisted of dedicated professional financial journalists who focus on delivering high-quality, market-driven articles as well as in-depth analyses on price movements, trading events, and stories that affect the material state of the virtual currency landscape. CoinSpeaker’s coverage range from regular Tech Wraps, daily and weekly market updates, features, interviews, and more. The company stated that its financial coverage of bitcoin and altcoins helps traders identify key trends, possible trends, potential breakouts, and more. The aim of the stories and analysis is to help investors make profits regardless of the market condition.

According to its website, Coinspeaker has achieved various achievements, including but not limited to:

– more than 3000 cryptocurrencies covered;
– more than 500 organizations covered;
– more than 100 finance events listed;
– more than 13k articles published;
– more than 3k PR released;
– and more.

To achieve its mission, Coinspeaker also established various partnerships with industry leaders such as BitcoinPRBuzz, RoboForex, Cointelegraph, Naga, Goldmint, Freewallet, MinerGate, and more.





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