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Charting your cryptocurrency world one bit at a time

Coinzodiac is a cryptocurrency blog that focuses on market news, trading strategies, and more. The blog is developed and maintained by Winson Ng, a blogging entrepreneur that has many histories with investments and other financial activities. According to Winson, Coinzodiac is his most exciting project. Winston believes that crypto will be the ground floor of an enormous trend that will change the world. Winston also believes that cryptocurrency is the “Maverick” version of money, which essentially means that it is a currency that gains strengths from within. Cryptocurrency follows this since it doesn’t rely on governments, no banks involved, and no central control that manages its supply.

Coinzodiac is dedicated to documents and supports its readers in their investment journey. The blog offers various contents, including but not limited to cryptocurrency news, live price feed, investment guide, education for new readers who are interested in cryptocurrencies, and more. Users can get the latest updates by subscribing to Coinzodiac’s newsletter. They can also check CoinZodiac’s Substack if they prefer to read the latest updates without visiting the main blog site, albeit with no additional features such as price feed, and so on.

According to its Substack page, subscriber of the platform will get exclusive access to Coinzodiac special resources, including but not limited to articles about investment strategies, mindset conditioning, motivation articles, and more. Joining the membership is quite easy, only e-mail address is required.


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