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Cortex Labs

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Blockchain network powered by AI technologies

Cortex Labs is developing a truly decentralized AI autonomous system that combines smart contracts and AI. In addition to that, it adds an incentive mechanism for collective collaboration so anyone can submit and optimize their models, where every contributor is rewarded proportionately. Cortex’s openness and sharing features also help users and developers to create various AI models. According to LinkedIn, by doing this Cortex will improve the smart contract technologies and allows them to use the full Turing’s computing possibilities.

According to Crunchbase, Cortex did a venture series funding round on February 18, 2018. Various investors participated and support Cortex, including but not limited to IOSG Ventures, BlockWater Management, FBG Capital, and Bitmain. With the help of its investors, Cortex was able to develop various techs, including but not limited to:

Cortex Virtual Machine, an EVM-compatible machine that supports on-chain AI inference and utilizes the GPU instead of the CPU to execute nontrivial AI models on the Cortex chain
Synapse, a deterministic inference engine that guarantees the same AI inference result across computing environments, which means there is no need to use off-chain solutions to determine the validity of various AI inference results
AI-based smart contract and dApp, where apps and smart contracts use AI to execute various computations in a short-time manner

According to Cortex Labs, there was no known way to execute on-chain machine learning models efficiently and deterministically. With the arrival of the Cortex’s network, the problem is now solved by utilizing the CVM (which utilizes the GPU instead of CPU) and MRT (for quantization and integer-only inference).


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Beijing, China

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