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Crypto accounting solution for crypto traders and investors

Crypto is a crypto accounting solution for crypto traders and investors. According to Crunchbase, Cryptio is a financial analysis & accounting tool developed for the crypto market. The software help crypto users or professionals to easily automate accounting, bookkeeping, and tax reporting for their digital assets. The app consolidates all cryptocurrency transaction data from multiple wallet & exchange sources according to its users’ portfolio and translates it into usable data for accounting and financial analysis. By doing this, the company claims that it will take away the headache of regulations, audits, taxes, and accounting for crypto firms so that they can focus on what they do best.

Crunchbase stated that the company did 1 round of crowdfunding so far, with a pre-seed round finished on June 1, 2020. Outlier Ventures Base Camp is the investor of the project, that provides advisory and also funding support. Crypto also works with other industry leaders to achieve its mission, including but not limited to Consensys, Celo, Aave, Outlier Ventures, Staking Facilities, iExec, Ultra, Kleros, École, Auctionity, BNP Paribas Plug and Play, Kaiko, ORWL Avocats, MR Capital, and more. Working with these partners allows Crypto to offers services such as sync users’ wallets public addresses, users’ custody, and exchanges accounts, access full transaction history, and maintain compliance with the crypto-to-fiat valuation system.

Some features that make Crypto competitive according to the company are auto-classification of users’ transactions, easily manage the counterparties of users’ transactions, easily reconcile transactions and invoices, easily compare cost, gains, and losses. In addition to that, users can also import their chart accounts, integrate with their own accounting system, and make additional reports such as capital gain reports, portfolio performance, and so on.




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