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Cryptoassets Institute

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An association dedicated to democratizing the blockchain economy and cryptocurrency assets

According to LinkedIn, CryptoAssets Institute is an association dedicated to democratizing the blockchain economy and cryptocurrency assets. The association offers various services for the community, including but not limited to advisory and democratization activities. The institute claims that it also focuses on ecosystem building through a dedicated community called CryptoAssets Local, the global blockchain and crypto assets community. The association has multiple offices, mainly in Paris, San Francisco, and Singapore. With the local offices, the institute offers assistance for governments, regulators, corporations, and investment funds in understanding the blockchain economy.

According to its website, the association focused on educating:

– Government administrations and regulators to understand adoption and regulation trends as well as best practices to create sound policy around cryptocurrency and blockchain industry;
– Multinational corporations to help them understand how distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrency will disrupt historical business models, act on those opportunities, mitigate risks, and revolutionize their business models;
– Investors and funds ( such as Venture Capital, Private Equity, Family Offices, HNWI) in order to help them work with tokenized securities and investments efficiently.

Crunchbase stated that the association is a think tank that focused on the blockchain economy and tokenized innovation. The association’s headquarters are located in Paris and Singapore. The CryptoAssets Institute is devoted to education, research, and policy involving cryptocurrencies and their decentralized applications, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple as well as ICOs. By working together with The CryptoAssets Institute, companies and organizations will learn the crypto market from one of the best sources in the industry.


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Paris, France

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