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Decentralized visual communication platform powered by blockchain

Dada is a social network where people can speak and interact with each other through drawings and creating collaborative art in the Ethereum blockchain. Dada or Powerdada is claimed to be the only visual conversation network in the world where artists and regular people speak to each other through drawings and create art together. According to Crunchbase, Dada is channeling the collaborative art created by its users into a decentralized marketplace run by smart contracts where artists have IP protection and collectors get proof of ownership. By doing this, everyone will get the benefits proportionately with little to no additional cost.

Crunchbase stats explained that DADA so far has raised one seed funding round which was finished on May 14, 2018. ConsenSys Ventures is the one who supports the project as its key investor. The team itself consisted of 3 core members including its co-founder and CTO Abraham Milano, and 4 board members and advisors including Garrett Peek. The company stated that as the only visual platform in the Ethereum blockchain, it has become one of the most active platforms for creative users to participate and get rewarded for their contribution.

At the time of writing, according to its website DADA has achieved several achievements, including but not limited to more than 126k drawings created by its contributors, more than 187 collectors use the platform and more than 20 ETH market cap for the project.


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