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An open and progressive cryptocurrency with a community-based governance

Decred is a hybrid blockchain with PoW and PoS algorithms. It splits block rewards to several stakeholders. 60% for PoW miners, 30% for PoS ticket holders, and 10% go to fund the team treasury. Decred adopts several design elements from Bitcoin but changed some of them to increase throughput and economy.

Some of the changes are the 5 minutes block-time (compared to 10 minutes), difficulty readjustment every 144 blocks (compared to 2160), and 1% block reward decreases every 21 days (compared to block halving every 4 years). The PoS part of the algorithm allows Decred holders to bundle their DCR holdings into tickets, which allows them to participate in validating blocks and earning the staking rewards plus participating in governance. The project treasury is managed through a proposal system called Politeia.


Blockchains, Cryptocurrencies


Illinois, United States

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