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Your gateway into the world of Web3

Decrypt is a cryptocurrency digital media focused on the decentralized web industry. It was founded in 2018 with a mission to demystify the decentralized web.

Decrypt is funded by ConsenSys, an Ethereum-based blockchain tech development company, but they are both editorially independent and technologically agnostic. Decrypt’s goal is to highlight to their readers what really matters, whilst providing a toolkit to understand the fundamentals. Decrypt’s want to help people navigate the space of Web3, uncover the expertise and resources they need to shape the industry for themselves.

Decrypt has four pillars: simplify, focus on storytelling, tell the truth, and use Web3 to cover Web3. Simplify means they want to make sure every information is simplified to help with understanding. Focus on storytelling means that they only write stories that are important, using completing narrative to increase readers understanding of the decentralized web and help them make better decisions. Tell the truth is literally telling the true story. And the last one means that they will use Web3 tech such as dApps to present their stories.




New York, United States

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