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Defi Rate

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A trusted resource for decentralized finance data

Defi Rate is a decentralized finance data aggregator and one of the most popular sources for reading the latest DeFi updates. It provides various DeFi data such as lending rates, APR rates, and more from various DeFi platform. At the time of writing they support data tracking for Compound, BlockFi, dYdX, Coinbase, and more. Not only interest rates, but you can also get other data such as borrowing rates, and token-specific lending rates.

Defi Rate also provides a review of DeFi platform, which targeted at newbies in the world of decentralized finance. On top of that, they also provide a quick guide to enter the decentralized finance space for new users. Unlike other data aggregators, Defi Rate is offering unique products and features that are useful for DeFi lovers.


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