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The latest DeFi news for cryptocurrency enthusiasts

DefiToday is a free weekly newsletter that covers various topics in the DeFi space, including but not limited to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and DeFi charts, exclusive interviews with industry professionals, curated content from industry leaders, and more. In order to access the content, users can subscribe through an e-mail subscription or read directly from the website. Publication usually happens once a week, but sometimes there are two contents and more within a week. In other words, it depends on the market conditions. If there are many hot topics that are considered important for the readers to know, there will be more publications, and so on.

While the name suggests that it focuses on the DeFi space, DeFiToday also reports other topics as long as it is related to the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Launched in 2020, DeFiToday has grown rapidly and since then has become one of the best sources for DeFi and crypto enthusiasts to follow the latest news on the industry quickly. A lot of people use the platform since it’s free, and the reports also has quality in it. Indirectly, the platforms is competing with other newsletter and cryptocurrency news website, including but not limited to big publications such as Cointelegraph, Coindesk, to TodayinDeFi, and so on.

For DeFi enthusiasts, DeFiToday offers to-the-point and in-depth reports to follow the latest market trends, decide on their investment, manage their portfolio, learn about cryptocurrency, and more.


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