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The next generation of crypto derivatives

Derivadex is developing the next generation of crypto derivatives. The project is launching its own community-governed derivatives exchange that is claimed to unites performance and autonomy. It offers a reliable decentralized trading platform with great features for traders who value privacy and decentralize infrastructure. With Derivadex, the company claims that traders no longer need to choose between performance and security. There is no need to use a centralized exchange to get strong liquidity products since Derivadex will provides them all.

According to its website, Derivadex is building various products. The core product is the decentralized exchange with various features, including a real-time price feed, fast trade resolution, and a competitive fee structure. The next product is the Derivadex governance DAO, which allows traders and token holders to control and manage the platform. The native DDX token will be used to vote on proposals listed for the exchanges. Anyone who holds DDX tokens will be able to govern the project and also enjoy fee reductions and staking features on the Derivadex platform. Last but not least, Derivadex also provides insurance mining to bootstraps capital for the insurance fund. To do this, users have to stake in the insurance fund and receive DDX.

Deruvadex is supported by various investors, including but not limited to CMS Holdings, Dragonfly Capital, Three Arrows Capital, Electric Capital, Coinbase Ventures, and Polychain Capital.


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