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A protocol where casual users can build their own decentralized trading products

Dfinance is developing a protocol where casual users or non-coders can build their own decentralized trading products. The company stated that the protocol will help users to build blockchain-based financial instruments with natural language tools. The protocol is powered by the XFI token, a native token of the protocol that allows users to utilize the platform to its full extent. Users can also stake and delegate their XFI or Uniswap LP tokens and earn annual rewards starting from 12.55% per year.

To make sure anyone can access the protocol, the company stated that it already integrates the protocol with various partners including Cosmos Network, Chainlink, Libra Move, and more. By doing this integration, users can access the protocol indirectly from the partners UI, removing the need to manually visit the Dfinance platform or wallet. The protocol also has its own DEX where users can easily build their own assets’ market with little to no fees, which decrease the bottleneck in trading across the various protocol.

The company claims that the protocol’s native language is robots and easy to learn. Users can easily learn the algorithm and code used on the platform and build any instrument they can think of. At the time of writing, the native token exists on multiple chains in order to speed up the development of the Dfinance mainnet.

Dfinance is founded by the WINGS Dao team and was launched in 2020. The company is currently headquartered in Zug, Switzerland.


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Zug, Switzerland

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