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Easy Crypto

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New Zealand's leading digital asset exchange

Easy Crypto is a New Zealand-based cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017. The company is driven by a passion for the industry and the belief that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology should be accessible for everyone.

Easy Crypto claims that it offers fair prices, fast support, and a focus on security for its customers so they can enjoy the easiest and safest way to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The company was created by a brother and sister duo, Alan and Janine Grainger, who saw an opportunity to create a platform for a simpler, cheaper, and safer way of buying digital currencies for New Zealand’s users. Their friends and family had tried to buy cryptocurrencies, but had found it too difficult for the average audience to do. Easy Crypto, as its name suggests, is dedicated to solving this problem by helping New Zealand crypto enthusiasts trade crypto easily and securely. At the time of writing, the company claims that it has millions in sales in its first year, had 200% growth for the last quarter of 2018, has thousands of New Zealanders on board, and has expanded to Australia, South Africa, and Nigeria.

According to its website, Easy Crypto isn’t a classic cryptocurrency exchange since it offers non-custodial services. This means customers are fully in control of their own assets at all times, with little to no exposure of risk due to a third-party. Since its launch, Easy Crypto has continuously added new crypto and trading pairs, with more than 60 different cryptos currently offered on the platform, with an average order time of 70 seconds from start-to-finish.

New Zealand users can also enjoy fast withdrawal services to their bank account, with transactions finished in as little as 2 minutes. In addition to that, Easy Crypto also offers other features that make crypto investing a lot easier. For example, it supports automatic recurring orders, which is a powerful tool for anyone who uses a dollar-cost averaging strategy to invest in cryptocurrencies. Users can also customize their order and then let the system take care of itself. Easy Crypto also supports crypto swaps, which makes crypto conversion a lot easier. Users no longer need to touch their fiat currency in order to swap their assets.

Easy Crypto makes crypto trading simple and accessible by serving as a secure exchange for anyone wanting to start investing in cryptocurrencies, while also providing the latest news, insights, and knowledge on all things in the world of crypto. 


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