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Investing in the future of decentralized Web3.0

Ether Capital is an investment company that has been established to provide shareholders with the opportunity to invest in the revolutionary technology platform and benefit from its innovation. According to LinkedIn, Ether Capital’s strategy consists of two main components; ownership of a core and strategic holding in Ethereum and developing plus acquiring potential businesses that will be developed on the Ethereum platform. Ether Capital claims that its highly experienced board of directors and management team will allow them to see opportunities and invest in disruptive technologies.

According to Crunchbase, Ether Capital was founded in order to provide its shareholders with the opportunity to invest in decentralized technology. Crunchbase stated that Ether Capital has made 2 investments, with the most recent one was done June 13, 2019, when FOF Weekly raised CN¥30M. In order to achieve its mission, Ether Capital built a strong team comprised of professionals from traditional financial markets, venture capital, and crypto projects. Ether Capital, the team, and its shareholders believe in the future of the Ethereum and the Web 3 movement.

To achieve its goal, Ether Capital’s business model is focused on asset management, technology development, and ancillary blockchain services. Ether Capital believes that Ethereum has established itself as the premiere Web 3 platform. To embrace the opportunity, Ether Capital was formed in early 2018 to give public investors access to this emerging asset class. The result of that was acquiring 45,000 Ether. Since then, Ether Capital has diversified its portfolio into other assets and projects including MakerDAO and Wyre.




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