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Blockchain-based decentralized knowledge platform

According to Crunchbase, Everipedia is a blockchain-based decentralized knowledge platform powered by its IQ token. The company stated that its mission is to bring knowledge on-chain through a variety of modern and advanced decentralized applications. The platform was launched in 2014, and since then has developed the so-called complimentary trinity of dapps to fulfill its mission including the Everipedia encyclopedia, PredIQt, and the Everipedia OraQle.

Everipedia’s platforms used user-generated knowledge to make sure the knowledge is verified, with a community around the world and speak different languages. The PredIQt is said to be Everipedia’s flagship prediction market that utilizes the wisdom of the crowd to predict the outcome of future events in various sectors including but not limited to politics, business, and finance. Everipedia’s OraQle platform, the most recent platform out of the tree is an oracle that allows trusted sources to cryptographically sign and verify their real-world data on the blockchain.

Crunchbase stated that Everipedia has raised a total of $30.1M in three funding rounds. The last funding round was finished on February 8, 2018. There are two key investors who contributed to Everipedia’s growth, Galaxy Digital LP and Mucker Capital. The company itself has 5 core team members including its CEO Theodor Forselius.

According to its webpage, Everipedia’s offers various competitive advantages including but not limited to:
– Using modern design and features suitable for the modern UI;
– Allows users to easily earn rewards when they contributed to the growth of the platform;
– Allows users to create articles and contents easily;
– Using decentralized and democratic governance powered by the IQ tokens;
– and more.




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