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Building an ecosystem of economy powered by the EXCC currency

ExchangeCoin or EXCC is a decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency launched in 2017. The Company claims that EXCC is anonymous, decentralized, and developed with tech-based security. Other than mining and staking, users can also use the coin for other purposes. EXCC and the project behind it are developing a cryptocurrency that can be used for various purposes, with a focus on the integration with its exchange. At the time of writing, users of the Xult platform and can use EXCC to get a 50% discount on the platform anonymously. In addition to that, users can also use EXCC to pay for a cloud server on the xCloud platform.

EXCC team continues to improve and encourage community involvement through its mining and staking program. The team decided to use a combination of PoW and PoS to secure the network, with a ratio of 7:3. In order to participate, users can use a modern GFX card to mine EXCC with at least 4GB of GPU memory. The team claims that the network is ASIC resistant so miners will be able to benefit from the absence of big players that monopolize the pool. If users want to stake, they can use the Exilibrium wallet or use a terminal provided by the EXCC wallets. The team said that the PoS layer will adds additional security to the protocol, which claims to make the 51% almost impossible to perform.
30% Proof of Stake.


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