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A blockchain-based streaming platform for the gaming community

Gimbl is a blockchain-based gaming platform that is committed to enriching the users’ gaming experience with adrenaline-filled challenges. The company believes that with its tools, viewers can push streamers to achieve in-game actions and reward them for their talent. According to LinkedIn, Gimbl’s key objectives are audience retention & growth, audience engagement, stream monetization, and streamer differentiation.

Crunchbase stated that Gimbl is a brand new platform that helps streamers engage with, interact with, and retain their audiences. The platform is developed by a team of passionate gamers who want to push live stream gaming to the next level. The team stated that they want streamers and their audiences to be able to interact on the streaming platform as if they’re playing together. The goal is to make live-stream gaming become more human and more inclusive.

On its official website, Gimbl stated that it targets streamers and viewers. For viewers, they can do more than just watching a stream, including but not limited to interact with their favorite streamers, challenge and push their streamer beyond their limits, join from anywhere in the world, and more. On the other hand, streamers can monetize their content from day one, grow their community easily, and more. At the time of writing, Gimbl stated that it supports streamers on Twitch and Youtube, but more platforms are expected soon.

Gimbl is headquartered in Paris, France. It was founded in 2018, and since then continues to operate as a blockchain-based streaming platform for the gaming community.


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