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Open-source blockchain platform for decentralized altruistic communities

Giveth is a free, open-source blockchain platform for building decentralized altruistic communities. The project claims that it re-engineers charitable giving, by developing a new open-source platform, built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Giveth’s system will remove bureaucracy and allows nonprofits organizations to create a high level of transparency and accountability towards Givers. A Giver (those who provide funds) can decide to withdraw any funds they give to the platform as long as they are locked. The project was founded by Griff Green according to Crunchbase.

According to its website, the platform or the community of Giveth aims to help shape the world as a better place with blockchain technology. Giveth’s flagship product, the Giveth Donation Application (DApp) will be an integral part of the Commons Stack project as a framework that new governance models into the nonprofit space. Giveth Galaxy will be developed and used to foster a larger network of organizations. The next level of the project will be the Common Stack, which is commons-based microeconomics to sustain public goods through incentive alignment, continuous funding, and community governance. The ecosystem will be supported by open-source and interoperable Web3 components.

To achieve its mission, Giveth has established various partnerships with other projects in the Ethereum community. Some of them are:
– Datafund, a protocol that guards personal data, provides safe storage, and provides an ethical data exchange platform;
– Alibre;
– Maker DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that provides transparent and sustainable finance;
– DistrictOx, a network of decentralized markets and communities;
– MyCrypto, a free, open-source wallet to interact with the Ethereum network;
– SALT lending;
– CanYa, a decentralized market for services;
– Alice, a platform for transparent social funding through blockchain technology;
– Aragon;
– MyEtherWallet (MEW);
– Swarm City, a blockchain-based marketplace with a built-in reputation system;
– PrimeDAO;
– and more.


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