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Building a borderless payment network for the banking industry

Gluwa is developing a blockchain-based borderless financial platform for people to make their life better. According to Crunchbase, Gluwa is developing application programming interface tools for the future of the banking industry. The company designs and develops financial software that allows users to send and receive money automatically and privately. It will revolutionize the remittance and banking industry where transactions are slow and not privacy-friendly.

Gluwa has raised 1 funding round so far. It was a seed funding round that was finished on February 15, 2017. 500 Startups is the investor of the project that supports the work of the team since day 1. There are four core members of the Gluwa project, including its CEO Tae-Lim Oh.

According to its website, Gluwa is developing a borderless financial infrastructure using blockchain technology as a web layer, so that everyone can take advantage of the borderless economy easily. Their services range from wallet services, payment services, exchanges, micro-lending, and more. Gluwa Wallet, the digital wallet of the platform, is easily accessible by its users. Users can use the wallet to do various activities such as sending payments, receive money, and so on. Gluwa Wallet is claimed to be a non-custodial wallet with no transaction fee required to make transactions.

Another service of the platform is the non-custodial exchange. It is developed so that everyone can make a trade without other parties involved and increase the risk of the transaction. Users will control and manage the risk individually in the form of direct management and manual approval. In addition to this, Gluwa’s network will be supported by its own GLUWACOIN, a stable coin designed to run natively on the network and allows everyone to make transactions without worrying about price volatility.


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