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On-chain options trading protocol on Ethereum

Hegic is a trading platform built on the Ethereum network specifically for options trading. Users can enjoy non-custodial options for profits or hedge their positions on Hegic. It offers fixed price and the unlimited upside of the options contracts. In order to use Hegic, users don’t have to register with email or KYC. Hegic will instead use the Web3 wallet like MetaMask to connect users wallets to their platform.

Hegic platform is created for several users, including ETH holders, ETH traders, ETH miners, and onboarding new ETH holders. For example, ETH traders can use the platform to open a long/short position and buy/short exercise ETH. This will allow them to get protection from the potential losses of their trades. At the time of writing, Hegic has acquired more than 500 ETH of options contracts on its platform.


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