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Ethereum scaling solution for information network and beyond

Hubii is a blockchain-based content and information network. The company launched as an aggregator of local news with hundreds of media outlets and large distributors such as phone manufacturers and telecom companies. Hubii claims that they’ve successfully worked with their partners to serve 50 million customers every day. In 2017, the team decided to use blockchain technology to improve its business, knowing it would make the distribution of content they do for their users so much easier. It also helps all stakeholders since blockchain will make content filtering and distribution easier for everyone involved, such as creators, distributors and consumers.

Since then, Hubii has developed to be more than just a news network. The project evolved into the vision of an ecosystem of blockchain based tools around all forms of content and spanning the full product cycle, starting from funding, creation, to published content management. According to Crunchbase, Hubii is an information network. Hubii provides an information platform covering news browsing, a personalized news reader and news curation. The platform wants to make sure everyone can access the latest information available for their needs at any time. The project has 3 core members including its CEO and founder, Jacobo Toll-Messia. Desigan Chinniah also supports as an advisor.

In order to make sure Hubii can achieve its goal, the team decided to build its own Ethereum scaling solution called nahmii, the first commercially-focused Ethereum scaling solution. nahmii is claimed to offers unprecedented scalability to any blockchain with advanced scripting. It was initially built on Ethereum, but has been designed from the ground up for commercial use, with applications far beyond content distribution. Businesses can use the network in various sectors such as payments, trading, IoT, gaming, and more.


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