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The next generation compliance platform for businesses in the digital asset industry

iComply is a digital complicance platform for the digital finance and blockchain industry. The company helps business with compliance by simplifying multi-jurisdictional requirements for non-face-to-face transactions. According to Crunchbase, iComply or iComply Investor Services is an award-winning software company focused on reducing regulatory friction in financial markets. The company helps business by cutting down tedious KYC work and manage AML risk in a better way throughout the customer lifecycle. Artificial intelligence is the core engine of platform for the validation process, which ranges from facial biometrics to AML search compilation and results filtering to cut the total cost of compliance process by up to 90%.

According to Crunchbase, iComply Investor Services Inc. has raised a total of CA$3.5M in 2 funding rounds, with the latest one finished on March 1, 2019. The company has 4 core team members including its CEO and founder, Matthew Unger. It is also supported by 8 board members and advisors including Deven Sharma. Crunchbase stated that there are 9 investors who contributed to the growth of the project. They are VU Venture Partners, J. Taylor Crandall, Click Ventures, Ethos Partners, Venture University, Draper Cygnus, Ignacio Plaza, Deven Sharma, and Conrad Whelan.

Users can visit the website and take a look at the services offered by the platform. Some of them are client-side identity verification, live face matching, enhanced risk screening, and more. The company stated that their apps and platform are dedicated for various markets, including but not limited to professional services, trading platforms, online gaming, capital markets, and more. iComply also works together with its partners such as DocuSign and Deloitte to offers the best services for its clients.




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