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Ikigai Asset Management

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A hedge fund that invest in crypto assets with ikigai ethos

Ikigai Asset Management is a hedge fund that invests in crypto assets. The company claims that the goal of the hedge fund is to generate superior risk-adjusted returns through the execution of venture stage pre-ICO investments and systematic and fundamental liquid hedge fund strategies. By doing that, the fund believes that it will achieve the highest return for its shareholders and investors with moderate risk. The company invests at the intersection of what they are good at, what they like to do, and what the world needs for the purpose of ethically delivering superior risk-adjusted returns. According to Crunchbase, Ikigai Asset Management finished a corporate funding round on March 21, 2019. Morgan Creek Capital Management is the key investor of the project, with partners such as Anthony Pompliano, Jason A. Williams, Mark Yusko, and so on. At the time of writing, Crunchbase reported that Ikigai Asset Management invested in Digital Assets Data on July 25, 2019, but then made an exit later on.

According to its website, Ikigai believes that crypto assets are an important emerging asset class. This means crypto asset investing requires the application of public market investment techniques plus access and understanding of venture-stage tech investing. This landscape demands active portfolio management and flexible investment strategies which require time and expertise. Because of this, Ikigai has built a team of experienced investment professionals, entrepreneurs, engineers, and data scientists to generate investment techniques that can regularly be used in cryptocurrency investment activities. The company ethos follows the “ikigai” principle, which is a Japanese concept that means a reason for being. This means the company not only provides services to generate profit but also do other services such as education. Kana & Katana, for example, is an effort by Ikigai to provide education, market insights, and philosophies to guide investors through the dynamic value mobility era.


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