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Known Origin

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A platform for all creative professionals to publish and trade digital arts

According to LinkedIn, KnownOrigin is developing a platform that makes it easy for all creative professionals to showcase, distribute and sell the work they produce as verified digital assets. In other words, it is a marketplace for digital artists powered by the blockchain and digital tokens. According to the Known Origin, its mission is to disrupt the creative industries by inspiring, educating, and onboarding more people to the new digital revolution. Known Origin is one of the well-known platforms for selling NFT tokens/arts, competing with other marketplaces such as OpenSea, Verinifty, and more. The company claims that it uses blockchain technology to unleash the potential for creative professionals to engage and sell to a global audience.

According to its website, at the time of writing, the platform has a good user base. On the platform, there are more than 16,957 digital arts that have been sold on the market, more than 800 artists, more than 8000 unique arts, and more. As mentioned earlier, every digital artwork on KnownOrigin is authentic and truly unique, just like any other NFT digital art. This is possible since Known Origin blockchain technology to issue and manage digital ownership. Creators can also enjoy an all-in-one interface where they can manage their collection, launch new arts, publish their digital arts, and more. Known Origin claims that it will cater to the needs of both artists and digital art enthusiasts.


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