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Kyber Network

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On-chain liquidity protocol for decentralized token swaps

Kyber or Kyber Network is the developer of the Kyber Network decentralized liquidity protocol. Kyber Network or KNC is an on-chain liquidity protocol that allows instant and secure decentralized token exchange. At first glance, it works like a simple tool to swap one token to the other, but at its core, Kyber Network interacts with various systems. One of them is liquidity pools, that behave like a pre-automated market-maker.

While Kyber Network itself is only implemented on the Ethereum network, the implementation of the Kyber protocol has been done on another blockchain. For example, TomoSwap on TomoChain and YOLOswap on the EOS blockchain. The protocol uses the native token to connect multiple participants in the ecosystem, such as liquidity contributors. In Kyber Network, the token is called Kyber Network Crystal.


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