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Highly scalable blockchain network for enterprise-level applications

Lamden is developing an open-source blockchain network that supports auditable transaction logs, unique and tradable assets, and allows users to have consortium chains with other market participants. The company claims that by doing this, users can focus on building, reduce development costs, and optimize their apps when they start integrating with Lamden’s network. Lamden claims that its blockchain is highly scalable, supports more than 2600 transactions per second per core that can be scaled to 4x or 12x depending on the hardware used. In addition to that, the network also supports smart contracts which allow businesses, developers, or organizations to build complex financial systems and other dApps. By removing the limitation of a slow and highly efficient network, dApps developed on the platform will offer a better experience and usability for its users.

According to Crunchbase, Lamden is the first company that builds an end-to-end development suite for blockchain applications. The company provides a robust ecosystem of development tools to help developers turn blockchain concepts into enterprise-grade applications capable of seamless communication with interoperability support with other blockchains. Lamden’s vision is to provide innovative solutions to the challenges posed by creating and adopting blockchain concepts at the enterprise level. Some of these challenges include the likes of knowledge barriers, customizability of blockchain tech, interoperability of private chains, and so on. The company has raised a total of $150K in 2 funding rounds. The latest funding round was raised on January 1, 2018, from an ICO round.


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