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Canada's leading Bitcoin ATM provider

Localcoinatm is a Toronto-based company with a mission is to provide a simple buying/selling experience of digital currency for customers while protecting their privacy. Localcoinatm is available to access for any Canadian who wants to participate in the digital currency movement. The vision of the platform is to bring digital currency to the mainstream financial market. The company claims that it has partnered with Canada’s leading corporate and franchised convenience stores, in order to expand its network. Some of its partners are Gateway Newstands, Hasty Market, Quickies, and more. Localcoin stated that it has more than 130 terminals across Canada in order to solidify its position as the largest Bitcoin ATM provider in the nation. The company claims further its YTD growth in 2017 is exceptional, which resulted in various reports featuring Localcoin on media outlets such as Vice Motherboard, Bitcoin.com, Moneysense, and CP24.

According to its official website, Localcoin has more than 270 atm Bitcoin ATM machines across Canada. With the ATM machine, users can cash out or purchase Bitcoin easily. It also offers instant transfer features for Bitcoin buyers, which guarantees that their Bitcoin will be transferred to their wallet as soon as the payment has been processed. It also claims to be fully secure, anonymous, and safe. In order to use the machine, users only need to provide a QR code of their mobile wallet or paper wallet, and then follow the guide on the machine properly.




Toronto, Canada

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