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Blockchain-based digital arts marketplace for authentic and unique digital creations

MakersPlace is a blockchain-based digital arts platform where users can create and sell unique digital creations using blockchain technology. MakersPlace provides a platform and market to empowers digital creators (such as artists, designers, writers, and more) to create and sell their unique digital creations. According to its LinkedIn page, for the first time in history, creators can sign and set a limited supply on their work with verifiable proof of authenticity, ownership, and scarcity on the blockchain. By doing this, the value of digital works will be better captured compared to other means of value creation.

According to Crunchbase, MakersPlace connects creators with fans and collectors around the world through a marketplace and network of partners.  The company was founded in 2016 and is based in San Francisco, California. It has raised a total of $2M in funding, which was finished on April 24, 2019. There are three investors that support MakersPlace, Abstract Ventures, Draper Dragon, and Uncork Capital. The company itself has four core members including its co-founder and Head of Marketing, Ryoma Ito.

According to its website, every digital creation on MakersPlace is an authentic and truly unique digital creation, signed and issued by the creator. Even if it was copied, users and the market will be able to tell that it was fake easily, since the verification won’t match. Every digital creation on MakersPlace is digitally signed, permanently recorded, and verified through the blockchain. Because of these properties, users can easily start their own collection and store their digital arts on their crypto wallet easily.


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