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EOS tokens, prices, exchanges, chart

Marketcap.one is the first platform EOS-only tokens data aggregator. It listed various EOS-based tokens and provide data metrics such as trading volume, market dominance, and more. In addition to that, it also lists exchanges details like other crypto data aggregator,

Marketcap.one aggregates data from Whalex, Bancor, Coin Tiger, Newdex, Hoo, BigOne, and YoloSwap, which collectively account for the large majority of the EOS token value. It also provides an API where users can use their platform to grab data that they need or make their own apps.

At the time of writing Marketcap.one supports more than 50+ tokens and users can vote for a new listing.

Marketcap.one is based in Australia.


Data Aggregator, Research



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