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Nebula Genomics

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Blockchain-based genomic data platform

Nebula Genomics is the developer of the Nebula Genomics platform, a blockchain-based genome data archives that aim to help users and the healthcare industry to understand the genome data and cure diseases. Nebula Genomics is focusing on how a user can own their own genome data, control the data, and make sure that it is not abused by others. On the other hand, the healthcare industry can use the platform to obtain reliable genome data with little to no risk.

According to Crunchbase, Nebula Genomics uses blockchain technology to eliminate middlemen and empower people to own their personal genomic data. As a human genome sequencing and health big data company, Nebula Genomics mission is to usher in the era of genomic sequencing by building a large and trusted genomic and health data marketplace for consumers, researchers, and the medical community. Blockchain is utilized to ensure that consumers can control and compensated for their data usage and help researchers to accelerate drug development, streamline clinical trials, and usher in the era of truly personalized medicine.

Nebula Genomics was founded by George Church, which is claimed to be a Harvard genomics pioneer, along with Harvard researchers Dennis Grishin and Kamal Obbad. The company was founded in 2017. At the time of writing, Nebula Genomics has offices in San Francisco, CA and Boston, MA, and is backed by various investors including Khosla Ventures, Arch Venture Partners, Fenbushi Capital, Mayfield, F-Prime Capital Partners, GreatPoint Ventures, Hemi Ventures, and Mirae Asset. With the help of these investors, Nebula Genomics raised a total of $4.3M in funding over 2 rounds.




San Francisco, California

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