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Low cost and low energy protocol for internet of things devices

According to Crunchbase, Nodle offers low cost and low energy connectivity service for the internet of things using smartphones as a base station. Using Bluetooth connection, the company claims that the network is a perfect solution for devices such as tracking devices, air sensors, smartwatches, fitness trackers, and home appliances. By doing this, the company claims that it will open new opportunities for hardware manufacturers and lowering the barriers to entry to build innovative IoT solutions and hardware that also supports blockchain applications. This decentralized connectivity network provides an alternative source of revenue for device makers, network operators, and app developers while preserving users’ privacy.

Nodle.io has raised a total of $5M in 3 funding rounds, with the latest one finished on December 11, 2019, in a seed round. The company is supported by eight investors, including but not limited to Blockchain.com Ventures, Blockchange Ventures, Blockchead Capital, Olymp Capital, Work Play Ventures, Bootstrap Labs, and more. Nodle also expands its business by acquiring Brickchain on March 2, 2020. According to Crunchbase, the company currently has 3 core members including its co-founder Garrett Kinsman, and Andrew Pantyukhin as its advisor.

According to its website, Nodle offers several features including but not limited to privacy-focused features that anonymize data to protect user’s privacy. It also offers easy integration for developers and businesses with the Nodle SDK. It also has more than 10 million users that will support the network. With these features, Nodle will offers the best experience for IoT activities.


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